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Graphic Tablet Specs

So, leaving behind the other uses of this tablet, on the perspective of a digital illustrator this tablet can aid him/her in realizing their artistic ideas and hence, it is necessary for the person to choose the best tablet that suits his/her sensible requirements. The following points have to be looked into while buying a digital tablet so that as an artist you make the most and the best out of it.

  • Size of the graphic tablet

Oh yeah, this factor has to be given the prime consideration as a number of other things like your drawing habit, your space constraint, your travel requirement, your price range etc. largely will be affected by the size factor of the tablet you wish to procure. Normally, any hobby illustrator will opt for a small-sized graphic tablet because he/she need not invest his/her fortune just for the sake of the hobby. But, on the other hand, when you are planning to be a professional digital illustrator go for a medium-sized tablet, if not the large-sized ones so that you feel the presence of the screen size as realistic as your normal paper.

Because, if the screen size is too small then you might feel the set up as ‘unnatural’ and that might hinder your wild imaginations and as well as your hand sweeping motions. Also, the medium ones are better because they possess the perfect aspect ratio that matches with that of your computer’s. The space occupied by the medium ones is also reasonable and hence, later you need not worry much about the lack of desk space in your already congested work room.

  • The Stylus

Since the stylus converts your ‘imagination’ to a real image or illustration it is necessary for you to find a pen that acts more comfortable at your hands. Your pen should be lite weight so that you could make your movements freely and comfortably. Avoid pens that come with batteries because they might be heavy due to the presence of a battery in it. Also, while tethered pen avoids the risk of getting lost, an untethered pen will allow you to make more comfortable and unrestrained movements. If your pen possesses additional buttons or features that perform useful functions like erasing etc. then it is only sensible for you to opt one and use them according to your convenience. After investing a huge amount on your graphic tablet there is no point in investing separately for the most suitable graphic pen and hence, find a tablet that comes with such a realistic and comfy pen so that the purpose of getting the graphic tablet is met adequately!

  • The interface

How you establish your tablet’s connection with that of your computer would not be a serious issue if you possess a recent model computer or the laptop because most of the graphic tablet comes with the straightforward USB connection that is easily found in all the recent computers or the laptops. But, if your computer belongs to the ancient variety then you should make provisions to establish the serial interface connection between your computer and the tablet, for which you need to consider the power supply requirement for your tablet too, as with the USB type the tablet draws its energy from the connected computer, which cannot be accomplished in the case of serial interface connection. So, consider your computer’s connectivity provisions and make additional requirements accordingly if necessary to interface the graphic tablet with your computer.

  • The driver software

Although this software will be provided by the graphic tablet manufacturer, make sure you procure that tablet whose software is compatible with that of your computer’s operating system. Also, this driver software will allow you to perform other control functions like application settings, customization and so on, for which you have to check if the software is a high-end one. Mostly, the higher-priced tablet varieties come with such an advanced driver software for which you have to check if your current bank balance supports this idea.

  • The pressure level

The pressure sensitivity is one other important factor to be considered while purchasing your graphic tablet because this factor controls the way you make your drawings. That is, the thickness of the lines, the color effect, the transparency etc. are largely depended on the pressure level of the tablet. The most commonly available pressure levels are 256, 512 or 1024 levels. When you choose a tablet with a higher-pressure sensitivity level you are bound to enjoy more control and more natural feel while operating your tablet/stylus, which is the basic expectation of any artist.

The other common things that have to be considered while procuring a graphic tablet are the price, the warranty, the additional software or features, which I’m sure most of you would never fail to check them. So, what are you looking for? Grab a graphic tablet satisfying the above-expected requirements and become a pro digital illustrator right away!